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Leak detection with a thermal camera

Thermal cameraA water leak? Moisture stains? Instead of having to destroy walls or tiles to find the source of the problem, it is now possible to detect leaks with the thermal camera. Practical, it allows you to see through the floors, whatever the component used: stone, parquet or tiles, to detect leaks, and above all not to break your apartment unnecessarily.

Our team uses a Fluke TSI 55 camera equipped with an infrared sensor and a camera for viewing thermal images. Thanks to our high technology thermal camera, it is possible to obtain quality images and very sharp for any search for water leaks. The Fluke TSI 55 camera has infrared waves to determine the precise origin of an infiltration. It can thus make the difference between humidity and infiltration. 

This equipment allows our team to locate the water leak with precision. Used by building professionals, it can detect energy losses, water leaks and electrical connections in poor condition. A significant saving in time and money.

Our team puts its know-how and state-of-the-art equipment at your service to solve your leakage problem in Israel. Our accurate report allows the repair to be carried out exactly where it is needed.

The thermal camera is also used during technical expertise before purchase new in Israel or second hand to check the humidity.


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